About Us

The deep knowledge and long experience of Prof. Zwi Segal in using and creation of Psychological evaluation tools and systems dealing with individual identities, combined with its vast organizational consulting activities to worldwide leading firms, led him to understand that crucial engines to individual and organizational growth, success and well being are fitted Identities.

We believe that long term individual well being and continuous organizational profitability growth relay on the adjusted construction of identities and the achievement of the best matching between them.

This is not a simple “one to one matching”, but rather a multi level complex matching within three axes:

  • Intra individual matching between the different components of individual identity (social, cultural, professional, leisure, sexual…),
  • Organization-Employees matching between the components of organizational identity (culture, behaviour styles, structure, core competencies, work processes…) with those of its employees
  • Organization- customer matching between organizational perceived identity and its adjustment to its customer’s perception.

To offer a wining solution to the challenges facing individuals and organizations while dealing with their identity, we decide to create mianou.com, designed to achieve the most fitted identity for all.

The uniqueness of mianou.com is its unique integrated competency to elaborate a FIP (Fitted Identity Puzzle). The FIP way allows us to deal with individual and organizational identities from three integrative angles: creative media tools, innovative and integrative technological systems and the state of the art psychological and organizational knowledge.

This unique combination of competencies enables mianou.com to offer full integrated solutions to all kind of identity adjusting processes: from the evaluation of misfit situations caused by identities gaps, through integrative gap reduction solutions to the final outcomes of fitted wining identity and monitoring identity tools for the organization and the individual.

mianou.com final objectives are:

  • To enable each individual to get a DIP (Digital Identity Profile) that will improve, facilitate and adjust his on line and offline life: professional social, cultural, relationship, communities, information, products….
  • To build OIP (Organizational Identity Profile) that will combine the results of its employees’ DIP and the organization’s BOI (Business & Organizational Identity).  The OIP will enable each organization to monitor and to adjust in real time the best fit between its BOI and the DIP of the employees.