Corporate Identity in depth

Corporate identity is fundamentally concerned with reality what an organization is, that is, its strategy, vision, performance brand architecture, nature of ownership, values, philosophy, sub cultures mix, employees affinities, internal image, symbolism, behavior, history, business scope, the rang and type of products and services offered and its communication, both formal and informal.

The organization’s presentation of itself to its various stakeholders and the means by which it distinguishes itself from all other organizations ….related aspects: brand image, strategy, uniqueness

Corporate identity is thus what is central, distinctive and enduring about an organization.  Corporate (organizational) identity serves as a cognitive frame for understanding reality, as shared assumptions about the world that lead to collective actions (just like in organizational culture), as a discourse about sense and reality (therefore there can be multiple identities to organizations), as collective claims about the contents of the organization and room for personal identification.

Corporate identity is thus “who are we, as an organization?”: identity in the organization (identity-as-shared perceptions among members)  and  identity of the organization (identity-as-institutionalized claims available to members)

The building elements of corporate identity

Examples of consulting projects:

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Examples of Media Creation:

Strauss – Summery of year 2009
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