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Importance of Corporate Identity

Firms have become increasingly aware of the importance of developing and managing their corporate identity,
since the identity has been recognized as a strategic resource and source of competitive advantage.

The importance of Identity FIT

•The basic element enabling the best execution of company strategy and its business plans.
•Positive Image of the organization in front of its stake holders.
•Increase employees’ motivation and commitment.
•Improving employees’ performance  and quality.
•Boosting organizational profit.

Our Integrated Solution:

Define Identity profile (Values, Differentiation , Continuity, Internal Structure &Processes) and its perception of organizational stake holders.
Define the Identity gaps between the stake holders.

Use case:
–An about 10-15 min interactive dialog with the Digital Profiling Tool.
–Our Engine will do the followings:
•Smart Presentation Dashboard of all the Identity Profiles and their components.
•In depth Gap Analysis (Profiles, Populations and Components).

Our product is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Application, located on the internet cloud.

Corporate Profiling
Corporate Dashboard