Personal Solutions

Importance of Individual Identity

We live in world of constant change. if in the past there used to be clear markers of Identity living little room for ambivalence, today Identity is involving and we live in online & offline worlds, holding several Identities in parallel. our survival mechanism is thus to find the best FIT between our worlds and our Identities.

Our Integrated Solution:

Define Identity profile (Professional, Artistic, Relationship, Cultural, Leisure)
Define the Identity gaps between the Profiles.
Present the FIT between the Individual Profile and other relevant Individuals Profiles.

Use case:
–An about 10-15 min interactive dialog with the Digital Profiling Tool.
–Our Engine will do the followings:
•Create and present our new Individual Profile Dashboard (5 Tabs).
•Create an Individual iPass Communication Button.

For now our individual solutions’ products will be used only by Networking Websites.

Individual Profiling

Individual Dashboard