What is Identity?
Identity provides us with the means of answering the question ‘who am I ?’
We may share personality traits with other people, but sharing an identity suggests some active engagement on our part. We choose to identify with a particular identity or group.

Why Now?
We live in world of constant change. If in the past there used to be clear markers of Identity living little room for ambivalence, today Identity is involving and we live in online & offline worlds, holding several Identities in parallel. Our survival mechanism is thus to find the best FIT between our worlds and our Identities.

What is Corporate Identity?
Mix of elements which gives organizations their distinctiveness: the foundation of business identities.
The main elements of this are: culture, strategy, structure, history, business activities and market scope.

Why Identity FIT is important for organizations?
- The basic element enabling the best execution of company strategy and its business plans.
- Positive Image of the organization in front of its stake holders.
- Increase employees’ motivation and commitment.
- Improving employees’ performance and quality.
- Boosting organizational profit.

What is mianou?
mianou is a company dealing with personal and organizational identities from three integrative angles: creative media tools, innovative and integrative technological systems and the state of the art of positive psychology and organizational strategy.

What are the Purposes of mianou?

•Corporate Solution: To generate the optimal FIT between brand promises, company strategy, organizational characteristics, employees profiles and market needs.
•Personal Solution: To identify personal identity structure and its components, in order to keep personal brand promises and to ensure well being.
•Public Solution: To offer identity and gap mappings for public institutes (National, Regional, Municipal, Education, Health, Sport etc), in order to keep institutional brand promises.

Which Identity elements are used by mianou?
- Personal identity: professional, relationship, artistic, cultural and leisure.
- Corporate identity: values, internal organizational life (work processes, management style, org. structure), core knowledge and consistency over time.

What are the corporate identity solutions of mianou?
- Digital Profiling Tool: measurement of Values, Differentiation , Continuity, Internal Structure & Processes and their perception by organizational stake holders.
- Smart Presentation Dashboard of all the Identity Profiles and their components.
- In depth Gap Analysis (Profiles, Populations and Components).
Creating consulting and media solutions to reduce the identity gaps within and between the stake holders.

What are the Personal identity solutions of mianou?
- Define individual Identity profiles (Professional, Artistic, Relationship, Cultural, Leisure)
- Define the Identity gaps within individual’s identity Profiles.
- Present the FIT between the Individual Profile and other relevant Individuals Profiles.

What are mianou’s competitive advantages?
–20 years of experience in the field of Individual and Organizational FIT.
–Proven and awarded technological solutions.
–Multi disciplinary approach.
–State of the art technological knowledge in the field of current Internet industry.
–Proven and successful experience in Identity  & Communication Media Solutions.

What are the markets of mianou?
Corporate Solutions:
- Companies with more then 1,000 employees (Medium and Big Enterprises) – e.g. around 10,000 companies only in USA.
- NGOS (Non Government Organizations)
- Governmental, Regional and Local entities.
- Educational Institution & Corps.
Individual Solution:
Networking Websites (Social, Professional, Leisure, Artistic and Relationships).